Qwiki - Find and Read Articles on Wikipedia!

Quickly and easily search Wikipedia, without even leaving your menu bar! You can read articles inside Qwiki, or you can opt to have it open in your default browser, it's up to you.

Qwiki now has support for every language Wikipedia has articles in! Just select that in your Preferences.

Generate links to copy, you can choose from a plain URL, Markdown, or even generate HTML link code. If you want to use the native OS X Share Sheet, then that's supported as well!

Once you've typed your search query, just use your arrow keys to navigate the results, and press enter to open it up!

It gives you the power of Wikipedia, and puts it under the single icon in your Menu Bar. There's so many occasions where just a little reference is needed, or you need to copy a URL to insert into a document.

There is a URL Scheme available for Qwiki, and also an Alfred workflow.


Alfred Support

Ever since version 1.1 of Qwiki, there has been support for URL Schemes. Which means apps can make use of this, and direct users straight to a query in Qwiki.

To make use of this, I have created an official Qwiki Workflow for Alfred, which you can download by selecting your version of Alfred.

URL Scheme

If you want more details on the URL scheme, the syntax is very simple. You just use the URL as below, followed by the query.



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Qwiki 1.3

TouchBar Support!

For all Macs with the new TouchBar, you will be able to initiate a search, copy an article link, navigate the browser, and more! Just using one quick tap on the TouchBar, Qwiki makes finding and reading articles on Wikipedia even easier.


There was a bug I found where the output text on copied links wasn't correct, so this has been fixed.


Qwiki now has a new approach in regards to how it is dismissed, as you'll probably want to keep it open when reading articles, it will not be dismissed when clicking outside the application. Instead you can use the Escape key to navigate backwards through the views, tap the Hide button on the TouchBar, or even click on the Qwiki menu bar icon to toggle the application.

Old News


If you need help or support using Qwiki, then this is the page for you.

As more issues are discovered, the FAQ will be populated with general answers.


What is the QwikiLauncher app?
This is used to launch Qwiki on startup, if you have it enabled in the preferences. It is a "helper" app that is scheduled to launch on boot-up, it then launches the actual Qwiki app, and terminates itself.

Need Extra Help?

If you're query isn't answered in the FAQ above (it's early days so it probably won't be), just send an email to help @ chrishannah . me


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