Quickly search through Wikipedia, directly from your Menu Bar!

Navigate through the results easily with the arrow keys!

Read through the articles inside Qwiki, or open them in your default browser.

You can also easily copy the article URL, as either the plain URL, Markdown format, or HTML code!

Use the URL Scheme to automate your Qwiki use, or even check out the Alfred workflow!

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  • Qwiki feels perfectly at home in the menu bar. If I’m writing and need to look something up quickly, having it there in the menu bar is incredibly handy and helps keep me from getting distracted by the dozens of tabs I typically have open in Safari. - MacStories
  • When you're trying to keep up with the wild articles you hear on this show, have Qwiki on hand so you can play along at home. - Ungeniused Podcast #1
  • Qwiki puts Wikipedia in my search bar and I use it all the time. - MacSparky
  • If you want more Wikipedia functionality than Spotlight provides without going to the full website, Qwiki is a great way to get it. - MakeUseOf
  • You no longer have to stop what you’re doing to launch the site every time an trivia question is itching the back of your mind. - LifeHacker