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Launch Date: 7th June 2016
Pricing: £1.49/$1.99/€1.99
Release Pricing: £0.79/$0.99/€0.99 (7th to 10th June)
Platform: Mac OS X 10.10 and above


Qwiki lets you quickly and easily search Wikipedia, for anything you want. You can find articles and view them inside Qwiki, or you can opt to have it open in your default browser, it’s up to you.

Qwiki also has the ability to generate links for you, you can choose from a plain URL, Markdown, or even generate HTML link code. If you want to use the native OS X Share Sheet, then that’s supported as well!

It really gives you the power of Wikipedia, and puts it under the single icon in your Menu Bar. There’s so many occasions where just a little reference is needed, or you need to copy a URL to insert into a document.

What makes this different from the competition, is that it was designed from a native standpoint. Most other menu bar apps lack originality, and are a wrapper for a website. Although of course when you read an article inside Qwiki, you are reading the website. But it is a custom user agent, with custom styling to ensure the best experience. Also I believe by implementing a native search, and additional share functionality, it is fundamentally more useful to have.

Who’s behind Qwiki?

It’s just myself, Christopher Hannah behind Qwiki. I’m a Computer Science student from just north of London, and my goal is to be an app developer. Whenever I’m not at university, or working, then I’m developing something. I just like to create.


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