There’s an assortment of new additions in this build, and it’s starting to feel more and more like an actual app every day.

Qwiki 0.3 Web View Screenshot

As you can see in the screenshot above, I've redesigned the bottom bar of the article view since the last build.
- The Back/Forward buttons have been halved in size, and moved to the left. - The Share button should work better now, but hopefully no-one will even notice this. - I've added a new button to simply copy the link of the article, it will play a sound and display the icon as blue for half a second, to confirm that the copy was successful.

I also worked on some JavaScript injection, so the standard Wikipedia navigation doesn't appear and confuse the design of the app.

When viewing search results, if you toggled Dark mode, then the text colour wouldn't change until hovered over. This has now been fixed!

As it's getting closer and closer to a final app, any feedback or suggestions are welcome!

Download Qwiki 0.3 build 7