I've finally implemented the Preferences window, and there's currently two different things you can customise.

Qwiki Preferences Window

Link Types

When you're viewing a Wikipedia article inside Qwiki, you can use the link button to copy the link.

You now have three different choices of links, that will be copied by default:

Open in Browser

There is also the choice to open the article in your default web browser, this is for people who just want to use Qwiki as a search engine.

Of course you can always reset these options to their defaults.

Also for support information, I have now included the version and build number at the bottom of the Preferences window.


Qwiki Icon

There's also an icon now! You won't really see it, because it's a menu bar app. But at least it looks good in Launchpad/Finder.

Download Qwiki 0.4 build 8