The first update to Qwiki is here, and it fixes a few issues, and brings with it a couple new features as well!

Auto Select Search Field

When Qwiki wasn’t the active app and the menu bar button was pressed, the search field wasn’t being selected. So you had to then click in the box to then type.

This has now been fixed, and whenever or however you open Qwiki, you can now type straight away.

Keyboard Support

Keyboard Support GIF

This has been reworked, and you can start navigating through the results straight after you type your query. Using the up and down arrows, you can move through the results, and also back to the search field.

You can press Enter to open the link, in whatever preference you have set.

Copy & Paste Shortcuts

For some reason copying and pasting inside the search field wasn’t working when using the keyboard shortcuts. I’ve now fixed this, so now the Select All, Cut, Copy, and Paste commands work fine.

URL Scheme

There’s now a basic URL scheme implemented, so if you’re a fan of automation, or just have certain apps that support custom URLS, then this is for you!

The syntax is very simple, you just use the URL as below, followed by the query.






Alfred Workflow

Alfred GIF

Seeing as I added a URL scheme, I also created a workflow for Alfred!

You can download for yourself!


If you haven’t already, you can download Qwiki from the Mac App Store!