The first update to Qwiki is here, and it fixes a few issues, and brings with it a couple new features as well!

Auto Select Search Field

When Qwiki wasn’t the active app and the menu bar button was pressed, the search field wasn’t being selected. So you had to then click in the box to then type.

This has now been fixed, and whenever or however you open Qwiki, you can now type straight away.

Keyboard Support

Keyboard Support GIF

This has been reworked, and you can start navigating through the results straight after you type your query. Using the up and down arrows, you can move through the results, and also back to the search field.

You can press Enter to open the link, in whatever preference you have set.

Copy & Paste Shortcuts

For some reason copying and pasting inside the search field wasn’t working when using the keyboard shortcuts. I’ve now fixed this, so now the Select All, Cut, Copy, and Paste commands work fine.

URL Scheme

There’s now a basic URL scheme implemented, so if you’re a fan of automation, or just have certain apps that support custom URLS, then this is for you!

The syntax is very simple, you just use the URL as below, followed by the query.






Alfred Workflow

Alfred GIF

Seeing as I added a URL scheme, I also created a workflow for Alfred!

You can download for yourself!


If you haven’t already, you can download Qwiki from the Mac App Store!

The day is finally here, Qwiki is now officially released!

Qwiki App

Qwiki is my alternative to searching through Wikipedia. It’s a simple app, and it sits in the menu bar of your Mac. From there you can search Wikipedia as usual, and the results appear in a (beautiful may I add) list.

Once you’ve found the article you want to read, then you just need to click on it and it will open it directly inside Qwiki! If you prefer a full desktop browser experience, then you can set Qwiki to always open articles in your default browser. That’s not an issue!

I know people like to share links as well. So along with the native Mac OS Share Sheet, there is also a Copy Link button! This will by default copy the article’s URL, or you can also set Qwiki to output the Markdown or HTML equivalent.

Here’s an example:



[Apple Inc. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]


<a href="">
Apple Inc. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</a>

It’s my (I’m @chrishannah btw) first ever ”proper” app that I’ve been working on, so I’m really excited to see how people react to it! And hopefully everyone gets a copy of Qwiki and enjoys it!

Buy Qwiki! Qwiki is available solely on the Mac App Store.

Usually the price will be £1.49/$1.99/€1.99 (depending on your location). But to celebrate the launch, I’m offering a 50% off1 discount for the first few days! (7th-10th June). So it will be just £0.79/$0.99/€0.99!

So please, go check out Qwiki on the Mac App Store, and if you like it (or if you don’t!) then you can use the Qwiki Twitter (@getQwiki), or my personal one (@chrishannah) to get in touch.

P.S. Download Qwiki!

  1. Well it’s pretty much 50% off, but the price ranges never perfectly match up on the app store. For example 79p is just over half price, so it’s nearly right.

It's officially got to the stage of Qwiki where it's time to close down the open beta. With the release of Qwiki coming soon, it will only be available to the press.

So that's good news right?

It means Qwiki will be with you very soon, and If you want to check Qwiki out for a possible review, then just email me at chris @, or find me on Twitter at @chrishannah.

But for now, you can find any news on Qwiki over on it's Twitter page @getQwiki.

I've finally implemented the Preferences window, and there's currently two different things you can customise.

Qwiki Preferences Window

Link Types

When you're viewing a Wikipedia article inside Qwiki, you can use the link button to copy the link.

You now have three different choices of links, that will be copied by default:

Open in Browser

There is also the choice to open the article in your default web browser, this is for people who just want to use Qwiki as a search engine.

Of course you can always reset these options to their defaults.

Also for support information, I have now included the version and build number at the bottom of the Preferences window.


Qwiki Icon

There's also an icon now! You won't really see it, because it's a menu bar app. But at least it looks good in Launchpad/Finder.

Download Qwiki 0.4 build 8

There’s an assortment of new additions in this build, and it’s starting to feel more and more like an actual app every day.

Qwiki 0.3 Web View Screenshot

As you can see in the screenshot above, I've redesigned the bottom bar of the article view since the last build.
- The Back/Forward buttons have been halved in size, and moved to the left. - The Share button should work better now, but hopefully no-one will even notice this. - I've added a new button to simply copy the link of the article, it will play a sound and display the icon as blue for half a second, to confirm that the copy was successful.

I also worked on some JavaScript injection, so the standard Wikipedia navigation doesn't appear and confuse the design of the app.

When viewing search results, if you toggled Dark mode, then the text colour wouldn't change until hovered over. This has now been fixed!

As it's getting closer and closer to a final app, any feedback or suggestions are welcome!

Download Qwiki 0.3 build 7


The article viewing experience should be much better in this update.

Qwiki 0.2 b6 Screenshot

When selecting a result, it shows the article inside Wikipedia as before, except you can now quickly go back to the search results by clicking on the search button in the bottom corner. If you decide to navigate Wikipedia through the website after viewing an article, then there are back and forward buttons at the bottom. And I’ve also added a share button in the bottom right hand corner, so you can share it using the standard Share Sheet.

I’ve also code signed this, so if there are any issues with this then please let me know.

Download Qwiki 0.2 build 6

Qwiki 0.5 b5 Screenshot

One big feature has been implemented!

You can now actually view the article directly in Qwiki, which has been suggested from multiple different people.

So the main things to look out for in this build, is whether the article looks okay, and whether it loads the mobile version of Wikipedia or not. As I’ve specified it use a mobile user agent, but I’m not sure how this works on different OS versions.

I’ve already mentioned keyboard support, but I will need to some refactoring to implement that I think, but that’s definitely coming soon! Along with a keyboard shortcut.

Download Qwiki 0.1 build 5

This is a very small incremental update tonight.

I fixed some bits of the Fabric/Crashlytics integration, and a few other things.

But earlier on I noticed that there’s no way to quit the app! So I implemented the Settings cog, and you can quit Qwiki from there, or by pressing CMD + Q. The option for Preferences doesn’t work yet, but that’s where it will be.

I hope you have fun using Qwiki! The next update should bring in at least a basic level of reading the article in app!

Download Qwiki 0.1 build 4

The results now appear much better, the font sizes have been adjusted to be more readable (especially on non retina macs).

Fabric/Crashlytics is now implemented, so I can know when crashes occur.

When you click on the Qwiki menu bar icon, the search box will straight away be selected and ready for input.

Download Qwiki 0.1 build 3

Just some incremental fixes.

Download Qwiki 0.1 build 2